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The answers to all your questions


If your Magic 8 Ball is on the fritz, post your question as a comment here, and we’ll make it up as we go along.

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  1. ..... 8:38 pm

    Hey Boss Toad,

    I love this race sooo much.

    I won’t be riding, but I’d love to volunteer and help.

    What should I do?

    –Eager to help

    • ..... 8:42 pm

      Dear Eager to help,

      Thanks for asking. We need and adore our volunteers.

      Trail Sheriff Shannon Brown is again heading up our volunteer posse.

      Send an email to and we’ll get you hooked up!

      PS. Volunteers get perqs like a T-Shirt, food, beverages and sweaty hugs.


  2. ..... 9:16 pm

    A racer asked:

    Hey, just wondering if you know if there is camping available for the Horny Toad.

    The answer:

    There is desert style tent, car, RV dry camping around the start area. BLM property. It’s primitive, but it’s free. Porta-potties in the start area as well for the race.

    The parking lot in the start finish area will need to cleared on race morning for the race.

  3. ..... 10:11 am

    A racer asked:

    Can I pick up my packet on race morning?

    The answer:

    Yes. You can pick up your packet at the start area on race morning between 7.00 and 8.00 am.

  4. David Wilson permalink
    ..... 3:35 pm

    Is SS cat doing a ridiculously short loop or is it going to be teh manmaker expert/pro loop?

    • ..... 4:24 pm

      Based on feedback received, including the elegant push poll phrasing in the current question, SS will do the long course, same as Cat 1.

      Let the SSuffering begin.

      • Anonymous permalink
        ..... 11:29 am

        SWEET, full distance SS as it should be.

  5. Bill permalink
    ..... 5:49 pm

    The route notes indicate that the race proceeds from point A to point B. Is there a document that shows these points?


    • ..... 6:47 pm

      The letters are on the GoogleEarth map. I added a image file of it with a link under the Route Notes link.

  6. Roberta permalink
    ..... 9:20 am

    I am wondering if this course is well marked enough for 2 juniors (13&14). They have only been riding for 1 1/2 years and not familiar with LC area. What do you think?

    THANK YOU! From a mom’s perspective it looks like an awesome time for them.

    • ..... 11:22 am

      I assume they would do the Beginner/Cat 3 course.

      Right now, the main loop is marked with pink flagging on the right hand side.

      This week, we will put green flagging at the junctions where the Cat 3 takes shortcuts.

      On race day we will have marshalls directing the racers where to turn.

      Go get it!

  7. Jens Nielsen permalink
    ..... 7:46 am

    Is the Cat1/Pro course the same as 2009?

  8. Angie Klima permalink
    ..... 3:30 pm

    I am a licensed massage therapist and Monique Garcia suggested I come and do a booth for massage- Pre and Post event. Do you think that it will be any big deal if I just show up? Or do I need clearance?

    Angie Klima
    LMT #4423

  9. Jerry Little permalink
    ..... 10:11 am

    Dave, Do you have any information or links on Pics from the 10HTH?

    • ..... 2:02 pm

      No one has let us know of a pic stash. Someone’s gotta have some though.

      Que ???

  10. Anonymous permalink
    ..... 8:54 pm

    Is this race going to happen in 2011? I’m new to the area and was checking out the NMORS website and saw the link for this race, but I’m confused because the NMORS website says 2011 but your website says 2010. Thanks Boss Toad!

    • ..... 10:10 pm

      Thanks for asking. The race will totally happen
      Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011
      We are starting to update the info and details.
      –Boss Toad

  11. Jeannie permalink
    ..... 5:25 pm

    What time does this race start? Is this one a 60 mile mountain bike race?

    • ..... 5:35 pm

      The links on the right hand of the page have lots of info in the fliers, route maps, and course descriptions.

      The first race group goes out at 8.30am.

      The Pro/Cat 1 (Expert)/SingleSpeed racers do 28 miles / The Cat 2 (Sport) racers do 19 miles / The Cat 3 (Beginner) racers do 10 miles.

  12. Anonymous permalink
    ..... 12:59 pm

    I have never raced before and thought I’d give it a try. 31yrs of age. Is the beginner race for kids or for people that haven’t raced? What is the Cat 2 sport race?

    • ..... 3:58 pm

      The Beginner course is 10 miles and pretty smooth. It is good for newer or younger riders.

      The Sport or intermediate course is 19 miles and has some chunky stuff and more climbing.

      It really is a question of how conditioned and skilled you are with the bike. The best thing is to check out the trails and see your comfort level. If you can ride for 2-3 hours at a stretch and are comfortable going over some rocky stuff, the Sport course should be fine.

      There is more info on the race routes at the links on the right hand side of the web page.

  13. Kelly O'Leary permalink
    ..... 11:57 am

    Random question guys, will you be publishiing a “registered participants list” prior to the race?

  14. Anonymous permalink
    ..... 7:32 pm

    How long does it take to get to the race area from I-25, just trying to plan my timing. Also I noticed you said there was a change on the race. WIll this effect the Cat 3 race? Is the track clearly marked?

    • ..... 8:16 pm

      From I-25 and the Dona Ana exit, it takes 5-10 minutes to get to the trailhead. (Plus time for parking and transacting business).

      The change does not affect Cat 3.

      We’ve marked it a bunch. But, racers always surprise me in finding ways to get off track. The Cat 3 route is flagged in blue tape. The flags will be on your right hand side. There are also signs at junctions. During the race, we will have some marshals on course to guide racers.

  15. Angus permalink
    ..... 2:21 pm

    Pictures taken during 2011 race are here, email me for hi res copies.

  16. Anonymous permalink
    ..... 4:44 pm

    Any thoughts on SS gearing? Are there lots of hills? Or is it relatively flat?

    • ..... 5:18 pm

      The feedback I get is that 32×19 or 32×18 is most common. I heard of a bada$$ using a 16 once. The course is rolling with plenty of moderate climbing and some shorter steep climb sections.

      There is a link up above with elevation profiles.

  17. Will Sadler permalink
    ..... 9:05 pm

    Just a heads up. If you aren’t paying attention (a condition I’m often in) it’s easy to go right instead of left at C,Y on the map, on the way back in.

  18. Bill permalink
    ..... 1:27 pm

    Trying to determine which is the final map or if the course is already marked for the long course – 23 mile one, that will work too. Thanks!

  19. ..... 1:37 pm

    This is the map for the 2015 course.

    Cat 2 does one long loop – shown in red; then does one short loop.

    The short loop is the same as the long loop, but using the two shortcuts shown in green.

    Here is the full Cat 2 (23 mile) course on Strava.

    The course will be marked when the race date gets closer. Look for pink flags on the right for the long loop and green flags on the right for the shortcut sections.


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